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Our jobs wouldn't be as fun without our wonderful clients. Our work is one of passion, for working with both animals and people. Here is what they have to say about working with us.



Carrie B.

I can't say enough good things about our experience with Cascade Canine. From our first meeting with Kay to our subsequent training sessions with Poppy I felt that not only were we listened to but we were engaged. We have a 16 month old Border Collie, he's a working dog, high energy and exceptionally smart. We've worked with a few different trainers before Cascade and the differences were dramatic. I have great respect for their methods and their ethics. Since we started our training with Cascade I can honestly say the relationship my entire family has with our dog has deepened and it doesn't all revolve around obedience. We are deeply appreciative of their individualized support and approach to working with us.


Elisabeth S.

Kay knows how to train animals and especially dogs! Her amiable personality made it easy for us (and our puppy) to learn from her. She taught us specific techniques to shape our dog into an everyday all around family dog.
From a professional aspect, her communication is prompt, sincere and courteous. She went above and beyond to get us the help we needed. She’s reliable and diligent.
I’d recommend her again and again.



Les W. 

Kay (Cascade K9) did a great job training Duke (and us)
Duke is (was) a rescue puppy with out manners, with a lot of energy and seemingly with out control of his impulses - he is also big (100 lbs) and strong - which made him difficult to walk on a leash.
Kay worked with us on leash training and impulse control and the results were wonderful. We can now walk Duke safely with out fear of being pulled down and he is able to “mostly” control his impulses when he sees other dogs or animals while on a walk.
The side benefit is that Duke now knows a variety of tricks (commands) that make him very controllable in the house and fun to play with. We highly recommend Kay and Cascade K9.


Katherine S. 

We feel so lucky to have Kay train our puppy for the last 4 months! We have noticed so many positive improvements with our puppy's behavior and ability to do tricks. Kay has helped us problem solve and taught us how to reinforce her training. Our puppy adores Kay and waits for her every day!



Bridget B. 

Kay and her team are outstanding! This is our first puppy and we've been so grateful for all of their advice and help during our journey of becoming dog owners. We've used Cascade Canine for dog training and ongoing walking services. Our puppy LOVES Kay and we fully trust her and her team when they are in our home. Highly recommend.

Webber & Gabbie

Paige & Andrew L.

Kay at Cascade Canine is absolutely a life saver. She has worked with us over several years with a Briard (stubborn as all hell), an Australian shepherd (kinda crazy) and two Belgian Malinois (just google how crazy, driven, obsessive, intense, intelligent, insanely strong and in our cases, rescues with unique challenges). She literally has enabled us to learn how to manage our day to day lives so we can all live happily and safely. Our current Malinois has some severe dog fear aggression and with the aid of her guidance have been able to help feel confident and safely walk through our neighborhood with our boy. She gently coaches us without making us feel like we are terrible dog parents and offers support when experiencing a tough situation. She has realistic solutions that don’t cost a million dollars and is there every step of the way. We look forward to our weekly training sessions because we get to show off our progress (ok, maybe not EVERY week because life) and we get to learn more and more things to make our lives better for our family (2 and 4 legged alike) She is flexible in the type of focus we need to week to week, issue to issue or dog to dog. The biggest plus is that she has her own calm dog that she brings with her so we can continue to work on our dog’s fear aggression in a safe and controlled environment. She can never move away as we will probably need her to help us with the rescues we always seem to bring home. We highly recommend Cascade Canine to anyone in the Pierce and South King County area.

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