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Group Classes

We are now offering group classes at Paws Play Doggy Daycare in downtown Tacoma! Our classes are taught by Kay Rutland and Poppy Foxheart, both Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partners, who have developed a unique curriculum to help you and your dog learn new skills while enjoying your time together. Our goal with each class is to create a fun atmosphere that is both educational and an enjoyable activity for the whole family. 

How To Dog:
The Foundations

6 Group Classes, Open Enrollment $300

This course is best suited for young and adult dogs. Our unique curriculum is based off the foundational skills that all dogs should know. Complex behaviors rely on the mastery of the foundations. In our group class we will go over things like attention to handler, touch, recall, settle, and your dogs response to basic cues. You'll leave our class with an understanding of how dogs learn in order to become their best teacher.


During our six group lessons, we will progress through these foundational skills. Each lesson we will coach you through exercises at your dog's level. We know that sometimes life gets in the way, so we have made this class open enrollment, which means you can join anytime, skip a class, and make it up at the end of your package. This style of class allows for dogs at all levels of training to join in the fun, giving everyone an opportunity to learn from one another. It also allows you to join the class anytime, and experience working around different dogs.


Our classes will be held at Paws Play Doggy Daycare in downtown Tacoma. You can book a spot in one of our classes via our online booking page. There are a limited number of classes, and only six spots open per class. We keep our classes small so we can spend more time with each of you. We look forward to seeing you there!

Puppy Preschool

4 Group Classes, $300

Open Enrollment,

Begin Anytime

Our puppy class focuses on life skills, socialization, owner education, and problem solving. Our goal is to shape well-behaved, confident, friendly, relaxed dogs who know where to potty and love to learn. We support human+puppy teams in building a solid relationship based on mutual understanding, fun, science, and snacks.

This class is appropriate for puppies 4 months and younger. Yes, you can begin class before your puppy is fully vaccinated. The AVSAB is now recommending attending well-managed socialization classes as early as 7-8 weeks of age with a minimum of one set of vaccines at least 7 days prior to the first class, a first deworming, and a plan to stay up-to-date with vaccines for the duration of the class. We will take every precaution we can to ensure the health and safety of the puppies in our class. Puppy class will be held in a fully disinfected room, and all adult dogs within Paws Play Doggy Daycare are required to provide proof of full vaccination. Puppies will not come in contact with day care dogs. If a puppy shows signs of illness 48 hours before class begins, you must call us to discuss a make up lesson once your puppy is healthy again. Puppies will never come into contact with more than one other puppy during class, and only after puppies play styles have been matched appropriately. We recommend giving your puppy a quick once over with a pet safe waterless shampoo or wipes after class which also helps desensitize your puppy to grooming. 

Tricks Club!

Weekly, Drop In

$30 per session
or $100 per month

Coming Soon! 

THE SECRET THEY DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW: it’s all tricks. Comfortable vet visits, prize-winning agility, great house manners, and talented animal actors on TV. It’s all tricks! And if you can teach your dog a trick, you can use that skill in so many ways! 

Our drop-in Tricks Club offers fun foundations to get you through tough situations, to support behavior change, and to help doggos learn to listen. Build your relationship with your dog while learning cute dog tricks you can turn into shareable videos, delightful party performances, or just a joyful way to engage and communicate with your dog. 

This class is for dogs of all ages and abilities (over 4 mos) with an understanding of the basics of clicker training.


Each club meeting, we’ll start with a foundation skill. From there, each team will progress at their own pace (with creativity and coaching) to turn that skill into a cute or useful behavior using props, themes, and collaboration!

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