Our Training Philosophy

We train dogs using modern scientific techniques to understand, address, and modify dog behavior. We know that behavior only exists when it is rewarded, and therefore we use positive reinforcement, and clicker training, to train dogs what we would like them do, increasing the likelihood that the wanted behavior will happen again. 

Kay Rutland, our lead dog trainer, loves helping people learn how to communicate with their furry family members. Part of what she loves doing is giving her clients the skills to train their dogs for their lifetime. With a little time and coaching, Kay can get you all on the same page, and well on your way to a great family dog.

We will make training easy with our Day Training Packages!

We work hard to make training easy for you. We understand that you have busy lives, so let us do the leg work in your dogs training journey! We are the experts after all! We will train your dog while you go about your usual lives, teaching them the manners they need to be the perfect family dog. If you struggle to get your dog to respond to you, or have issues with your puppies house training, or your dog struggles to meet people politely, we can fix those things for you, then give you the right tools and techniques to communicate with your dog in the way he or she understands.  

The Happy Hound Package

3 Day Training Sessions, plus 1 Transfer Session per week for 4 weeks

This package is for the dog who needs a refresher on some of the basic skills to fine tune his/her all ready happy demeanor.


The Puppy Package 

3 Day Training Sessions, plus 1 Transfer Session, plus up to 10 Potty Breaks per week for 4 weeks.

This package is perfect for working families with a new puppy. We will both train and give your puppy needed potty breaks while you are at work, knowing yours puppy is taken care of. 


The Every Day Dog Package

3 Day Training Sessions, plus 1 Transfer Session per week for 6 weeks

This package is for the dog who is just starting his/her training journey and needs help learning all the basics in order to become the perfect family dog.


Additional Training Weeks

3 Day Training Sessions, plus 1 Transfer Session per week

We can customize your dogs training package to suit your dogs needs. We will discuss your custom training plan, and your dogs progress over time and if additional weeks are needed to achieve our goals we can add more. 

$320 per week

The Mischief Maker Package 

3 Day Training Sessions, plus 1 Transfer Session per week for 8 weeks

This package is for the dog who really needs help to understand basic manners in the home and outside of it, and help channeling his/her boundless energy.


Private Training & Refresher Sessions

$100/per hour

We offer private training sessions for our clients who could use a training refresher after their dog has gone through a training program. These are great to help fine tune previously learned behaviors that have for one reason or another fallen apart. We will help you identify why you are your dog are struggling and give you a plan to get back on track. 

Let Us Create a Training Plan to Suit Your Dogs Needs 

We can train your dog to:

- Come when called

- Respond to your cues

- Pay attention among distractions

- Have impulse control

- Walk on a loose leash

 And so much more!

What You'll Get:

- A calmer dog

- An ability to communicate effectively with your dog

- A dog who willingly participates in training

- A better understanding of dog behavior and how dogs learn

Cascade Canine

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